Technology for Digital Marketing

Marketing is no more people-only driven, it is equally driven by technology. Having mentioned that, we support marketing function teams with technology that will ease analytics, provides insights, implements automation, lead generation, conversion optimization and branding. With marketing you would need help in either creating digital collateral, system integration, implementation or analytics. The recent development in the marketing technology space is to be able to find the right resources for your business, network with and execute task-driven projects. These are marketplaces, communities and social websites. While, the buzz is all about digital marketing, it is becomes a maze when it comes to execution. We have listed technologies, their utility and what exactly should be used for when.

Digital Collateral

The first assets that your business needs to get started with marketing is a search engine friendly website with the right content, design and technology that supports it. You may also need exclusive web applications or mobile application based on the market you thrive in. Apart from this to boost your social presence, we help you with digital collateral as required to speak your brand story on the social media platform.

CRM Integration

Once your digital properties are set for customer interaction, your next step would be to track sources of leads and sales that happen online. Further to which you would track how the relationship between your team and customer is nurturing. You would want to understand loyalty, repeat sales and work of mouth referrals that existing customers are providing you. Apart from this you would also want to connect with potential customers and existing customers to track the sentiment and brand reputation among them. We help you in customizing your CRM and integrating them with all your digital properties and analytical tools.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is complete with design, content, analytics and testing. Majority of the steps involved in these activities and hence brings in redundancy if the right technology is not implemented. Mostly based on the scale of the email marketing practices, an email marketing tool is implemented. It could be for 2000 to 2 million users. We help with email template designs in HTML and Adobe Photoshop, customized it with your email automation tool or CRM platform. Our resources run campaigns, measure them and report insights for better conversion.

SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You found us through your search! We help websites rank for the most important keywords they are looked for. Our search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are designed not just for page ranking but also lead generation. We use all the necessary tools like heatmaps, bookmarking, content curation, webmaster tools and so on to ensure your pages are found when searched for.

Social Media Marketing

With the fast paced changes happening to social media platforms, social media marketing is not deployed for branding needs only. It helps you drive leads, online sales, engagement and recall value. For striking virality, social media marketing is most preferred. We run campaigns for Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Quora and so on.

Content Marketing

SEO will be handicapped without content marketing. Content marketing involves creating a great content strategy, developing relevant content and distributing it across relevant channels. This is an imperative effort for building relevant backlinks and driving page visibility in search engines and social media platforms.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing activity gives a boost to immediate sales and hence is a preferred choice for defined set of conversions. However, to optimize paid marketing spend, we help you by adopting A/B testing, landing page optimization, lead conversion optimization and so on. We run paid ads using Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google adwords network, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads and sponsored ads.

Marketing Analytics

None of the digital marketing efforts are found futile without the back-up of analytics. It tells you how each marketing channel is performing and which of those are star performers vs under dogs.

We help you integrate Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Adobe analytics and other marketing clouds that provides website analytics and other media analytics.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is increasing in popularity with increasing adoption of ad-blockers. Finding influencers relevant to your target audience is highly getting difficult. We provide a platform where you can login for free and start finding influencers based on their reach, relevance and resonance.