Technology for Mobile Application Development

If your customer is on mobile, then you should be on mobile. Creating a mobile application to meet objectives of your customers and to ensure high brand engagement requires you to study the market and understand mobile technologies.

Mobile Application Development needs you to consider the final user experience to create a flawless app. Before you decide to create a mobile application, we recommend that you understand the technology behind it. This helps you choose the right technology – reducing costs and providing a light application.

What are you developing it for?

Most times, the purpose of creating a mobile application is lost in the midst of the anxiety of owning one. We suggest that you understand the different scenarios in which a mobile app is developed.

Native mobile apps

When you intend to use an application for a specific platform, it is referred to as native mobile app. What does this choice help you achieve? If you know that your potential users are comfortable and loyal to a given mobile platform, then native mobile app is the best choice. Apart from that it also provides speed, great user experience and quick development turn around.

Web apps to Mobile apps

You either already have a fully functional website or web application and want to extend that experience on mobile to your consumer, then you choose this option. Websites are restructured and designed to give a responsive experience based on the user’s device preference. The other scenario would be when your fully functional web application needs to be made available with similar functionality on a mobile device.

Hybrid mobile apps

With high proliferation of mobile devices and thinning loyalty of mobile platform preferences, you may choose to get yourself a Hybrid mobile application. This is a cost-effective choice if you use a single language to build this. Cordova, Xamarin, PhoneGap and others are the technologies we have used to develop hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP)

A mobile application development platform needs to be chosen for your business based on a few parameters. The critical parameters being mobile devices, multi-channel existence, data sources required, version management and other management needs and environment to integrate further mobile applications which be business or technology add-ons. Some of the platforms we can help you with are Android, iOS, Hybrid, Xamarin, CoreDova, Phonegap and more.

Front-end development tools

User interface (UI) is most appreciated by a user for its simplicity and intuitive comprehensive of the application. For this choosing the right front-end tools to suffice the platform is most important. To ensure the same we work on several front-end tools. A few to name are HTML5, CSS, Javascript, .Net, jquery and so on.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application testing is a part of our development process. We use cost-effective methodologies via emulators and simulators to complete the testing process. Apart from that we also run functional and UX tests to ensure that the mobile app is great for the market.

Apart from in-house applications that we have built, we also undertake testing projects of mobile apps built elsewhere and those that need load testing, usability testing or any other domain specific testing.