Technology for E-commerce

Ecommerce as an ecosystem and not just a market is growing at a high rate in developing economies. With such evolution, technology is unique to fulfill different e-commerce functions. We work towards building, customizing and managing different technologies for each function in an e-commerce stack.

E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce Platforms are opted based on the scale of on-ground business and the amount of data exchange between the sellers, buyers and the e-commerce website itself. You need to consider your inventory cycles, vendor involvement, buyer interactions, mode of payment, geography of the operation, logistics and so on to be able to choose an e-commerce platform. Based on these factors, we recommend either an existing platform or build one from scratch to meet customized behavior of the people interacting with the website.

Some of the e-commerce platforms that we have worked on are Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Amazon Web Store, Drupal Commerce, Stack Commerce and other .Net based websites with preferred customization.

Payment Gateway

Deciding among factors like do you just need a payment gateway, a merchant account or everything together and does the payment gateway support your platform would solve half your problem. We can advice you on which payment gateway would suit you the best. Some of the payment gateways we have integrated for our clients are Pay U, Paypal, Insta Mojo, Verisign, CC Avenue and so on.


Running an e-commerce website is as good as running a money machine. Every click costs you and you would want to know how your money is being spent and what parts of the e-commerce website is reaping revenues for your business. Such study requires you to have Analytical intelligence added to your e-commerce stack. We have integrated and implemented Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Kissmetrics to track web analytics.


Shops have moved from streets to your customer’s pockets. To reach your customer who is mobile savvy, we provide services to both replicate your e-commerce website into a m-commerce website and also create a mobile application meant only for mobile shoppers. We can help you build a payment gateway, inventory back-end manager, shopping cart and other tools required to complete the shop.

ERP & CRM Integration

Apart from back-end database management, your sellers and marketing team should be able to drive sales based on the recorded user behaviour. Apart from this for smooth operations you would want to equip your product managers with inventory managing capabilities. Such functionalities can be fulfilled with an ERP or CRM integration. To complete building an e-commerce solution we recommend integration of your website with an unified system like an ERP or CRM.