Technology for Website Development Solutions

Technology is imperative for any website development. Having known that each website is created to fulfill a business objective, relevant combination of technologies are to be adopted in delivering the digital value to your website. While you are very definite about creating a website, you might constantly hit with recommendations on which technology to choose. We have a technology guide provide below that helps you choose the appropriate combination of technologies to accomplish the business goals.


Your website receives a structure that is readable by internet browsers using HTML and CSS. To build responsive websites HTML5 is widely chosen. Most businesses that have an in-house resource who has the knowledge of these languages prefer to build a website using these technologies. HTML5 is also equipped to build beautiful websites that includes usable functionalities. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) would help you bring in beautiful widgets, transitions and animations without increasing the size of the website drastically.

Programming Languages

There is no programming language better than another. A programming language is chosen based on the needs of your website. If you are using a specific framework, then the relevant programming language takes an upper hand over the rest. Similarly if your website requires computational capabilities, data dynamism and so on, there are a few languages that support these needs seamlessly. Some of the programming languages we use to develop websites are –

Frameworks help you build a website, with reduced complexities of a programming language. They also help in a defined set of functionalities that can be built into your website, eliminating the redundancy for your users and also hence reduced the time for producing and developing a website. This is a preferred mode of web development to reduce cost of producing a website.
Database & Libraries

Data is critical for your business. If your business uses a website to actively interact and engage with your customers, then there will a lot of data you need to store as well as share. To manage them websites are supported by databases and libraries for seamless interaction.

Front-end & Back-end

Your website’s front-end that requires HTML, CSS and PHP are managed by our team. The project that we work on also includes managing the back-end, that is your servers and database.

Protocols & API

Your website is built ensuring the norms, protocols, standard instructions and best practices. We implement it for HTTP, DDP and REST.

Web Browsers

Web browsers are driven by comfort and habit of the user. None can be ignored while you decide to develop a website. Your website needs to be developed to suit all web browsers. We develop websites for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others.